Keep Barking to a Limit

Friday, October 15, 2010

By Sarah Grace V. Villaflor

Sometimes it is pitiful to see your dog being annoyed by your neighbor specifically when they approach to suggest you something regarding to keep your doggie away. And since your pet dog is your best friend, you would not allow to happen no matter what it takes.

I have listed several things you may try to help your dog refrain from excessive barking and hopes this article may also help you to please your circle of neighborhood.

1. Buying a kennel for your dog will be more of a help. However, keeping him inside more than 10 hours will be a depressive time for him, especially for puppies. This is best done only when you are away from your house and no one could take care of your dog. Additionally, if ever he would bark incessantly without you, no one would dare to hurt him out of irritation. You should be sure that whenever you would do this to him, he is comfortably enough to move around the kennel.

2. Sometimes dogs bark because they are not familiar with the things they see in their environment. Try to put him away strangers so he will not be scared.

3. If you feel that your neighbors are already having problems with the excessive barking of your dog, make the first move to talk with them. Make them understand why your dog barks. You can also ask them the definite time of the incessant barking of your dog so you can establish a plan in teaching your dog the right way of barking.

4. Bringing him along with your family activities can stop his barking problems. Sometimes the cause of it is his loneliness. Help your dog to organize his habit like you're going to knock on the door when you get home or cuddling him so tight before you go to bed.

5. Give your dog a stuff that will erase his boredom. Other owners pour their dogs with toys of different colors and shapes that look appealing to dogs. Other than toys, you can also offer him foods or anything that will make his spare time fruitful for him.

6. As the dog owner, you should know why your dog barks - what stimulates him to do so, when and where he often barks. Monitor him so you could identify the very problem you are dealing with your dog.

7. Do not shout at your dog. It is better to talk with him in a gentler manner. It is possible for to him to imitate your way of speaking and bark loud back at you. You can teach him the words "whisper", "sit", or even "sshh".

8. Hand signals can be taught to your dog. A dog can averagely memorize a new trick through repetition by 30 - 60 times. You can ask your children to teach this technique to add their bonding moments with your dog, instead of inviting him to bark loudly.

9. You should avoid your pet by always being too excited. Even people when too enlivened express their feeling through outcry or shouting. It will more likely to be his habit if you would tolerate his usual excitement.

10. Now, if you feel you have tried all the possible attempts to stop your from excessive barking yet still those aren't working, put away your away your mercy for once and confine him away from the reach of your neighbors.

These are the things I have learned through observation when I was finding solutions to my dog's barking problems. This has truly helped me a lot and it will be a great assistance for you and your dog, too. Just take time and lengthen your patience. You can do it.

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