Digital Photography Lighting for Picture-Perfect Photos

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Digital photography can be maximized to its full potential once you have the perfect camera, the proper color and the perfect lighting. Even if you have with you the latest model of digital camera, your photos will not turn out great if you are not making use of the right strategies in getting them right.

Experts in digital photography have come to realize that the digital camera is only one of the things you need to have great pictures. There are also other factors to consider so that you will not be disappointed by the result. One of them is the digital photography lighting.

Have you ever seen digital photos that seem to blur and indistinguishable? There are a lot of cases like this. Even if you try and edit them using Photoshop or any other software, you cannot seem to get the desired lighting you want.

This is because you have not considered having the proper lighting when the photo was taken. You were thinking that the camera and its features will be able to do that for you. Yes it can. But they may not reach your expectations.

The secret to getting that perfect picture is to do it right the first time. By doing it right, it simply means that you need to think about how well or bad the lighting is in the process of taking the photo.

Below are some of the natural sources of digital photography lighting that will make your photos look terrific.

1. After sunrise and before sunset.

It is during these times that photography is at its peak. Meaning, photos turn out great when they are shoot after sunrise and before sunset. Why is this so?

This is because the orange color that appears in the sky during these times adds to the colors that your digital camera is capable. Most of the time, some photos appear dull and unrealistic when they are printed because of the representation of the colors when it is printed.

The color of the environment can add a sort of brightness to your photos. In addition, it will make it easy for you to edit them on your computer once you feel that you want to put in some combination in the natural setting of the picture.

2. Sunlight.

Sunlight is one form of lighting that is very effective once you know how to modify your shots. Keep in mind that you are not capable of altering the brightness of the sun or the shadows that it can create on your photos.

It is up for you to choose the best position wherein you can make the most of the light that is emitted by the sun. Work them to your advantage. Try on different angles and see if they look perfect once frozen.

You can also make the most of the drop shadows that is created by the sunlight. Just make sure that they will not blur your photo. Fro minor adjustments, you can just edit the photos straight from your computer.

Shooting digital photos is not only about having the most advanced digital camera. It is also about looking for strategies and techniques that will benefit your shots. Try to shoot your photos with the perfect lighting and you will see that you do not need to edit or add some more colors in them.

A Guide to Professional Styles and Techniques in the Art of Digital Wedding Photography

When people get sentimental, they usually flip albums and look at the pictures that depict the things that happened in their lives. These pictures are not simply pieces of colored papers with images for they can trigger deeply-seated emotions. Emotions vary depending on the memories attached to these images seen and preserved.

One of the moments that most people would really love to preserve is the tick of events on their wedding day.

For this reason, people even decide to hire professional photographers to capture the important moments of their lives. However, these photographers may not always advise the client to strike a pose. They are expected to wait patiently to be able to catch memorable portraits. Most photographers that are employed for weddings have assistants so that they can maximize their strategy in creating an album that will not regrettable.

What if you would also want to take pictures of a friend’s wedding?

Here are a few basic techniques and styles for anyone who wants to capture the said event using a digital camera:

1. If you want to take a picture of a couple or any intended target, make sure that the background is good and the environment is not so crowded.
2. If there is a nice background but it is hard to focus on the couple, you may shoot them from shoulder up.
3. If some of the guests are wearing glasses, they can be advised to stand tilt their heads a little down or sideways to avoid the glaring effect that normally appears when the flash is used.
4. If there is a couple or a group that you wish to include in the picture, you should zoom in or out of the picture.
5. You must not shoot a couple or any guest against the light so that dark images will not appear
6. Candid shots are also dramatic. These portraits reveal more than the quality of the picture itself. In fact, many professionals do this to capture intimate and memorable moments.
7. You should be alert at all times since you can seldom ask individuals to pose
again for you.
8. Your digital camera should be equipped with appropriate memory cards or sticks to ensure that no great moment is missed.

In other words, you have to have an extra memory card especially when you want more moments to preserve. The following suggestions should be considered before buying a memory card:

a. for 3 mega pixels – a 256 MB memory card
b. for 4 mega pixels – a 512 MB memory card
c. for 6 mega pixels – 1 gigabyte memory card

9. You are not advised to use low resolutions if the images will be displayed and
hung later.

Just always remember that the higher the resolution utilized, the larger the size of prints that can be made.

10. Keep a copy of your best works so you can use and reuse the techniques that
made your viewers smile and appreciate your creation more.

You can do this by saving albums on your personal computer to free up the space in your memory card. You may also use other software to enhance the quality of the prints to be made.

Photography is truly a wonderful art. Wedding is a wonderful event. The union of these things will trigger emotions and memories in the long run more so if images are captured and preserved well. They all depend on your camera and your love for this art and the couple.

Hollywood California Franchise Tan Stores: The Answer to Your Worry

Do you love the tan? Are you craving to have one? For sure, you can. People are very much engrossed with any activity which can result to a natural tan. Exposure to the sun is one of the biggest medium one could ever make use of in order to get a tan. But of course, you must take some things seriously.

How does tanning happen? The UVA rays from the sun are what make your skin tan. Yet, such rays can also cause damage to your skin. And the damage is indeed serious. The UVA rays go to penetrate into your skin as compared with the UVB rays. Now, the UVA rays make its way all through the epidermis and to the dermis—the location where all of the nerves and the blood vessels are situated. It is due to this case that the immune system of a person gets affected and therefore damaged so that it will be incapable of shunning away the possible diseases that may arise.

One of the most serious kinds of cancer of the skin is known as the melanoma. Melanoma can kill you if you do not utilize the best kind of treatment. If left ignored, such illness progresses quickly and therefore spreads out starting its point from the skin going to the rest of the body organs.

The United States has long held skin cancer as one of the major epidemics suffered by the people. On a yearly basis, there are more than a million cases of skin cancer which get detected among Americans.

With this regard, the case of melanoma is the most popular of all. What is worst is that cases of melanoma are now inflicting even the youngsters. Experts get to blame these incidents to the overuse of the sun lamps and tanning beds. These equipments have very high levels of the UVA rays. Indeed, vanity can also kill a person.

Who wants to stay outdoors under the extreme heat of the sun and suffer sunburns afterwards? You would not want it for sure. And certainly, you would not want to risk the occurrence of skin cancer! But then, do you want to live your life like that of the hermit? Would you prefer to be like a vampire who is afraid of the daylight sun?

You definitely want to enjoy living your life and yes you can do it! You can also enjoy a couple of activities such volleyball, swimming, hiking, biking, and the likes without the worries! Mind you, it is all about balancing your activities with the heat of the sun with which you get exposed to. If you prefer a tanned skin, you can also have it yet without having to let your skin suffer from the stress and dangers brought about by the harmful rays of the sun.

Hollywood California franchise tan stores are selling the less harmful tan products which are much convenient and easy to use. There are available lotions and sprays which you can buy from the Hollywood California franchise tan stores. You first have to be familiar with your skin type so that you will know whether or not a product will work well for you. If you prefer safety while being vain, you can always check out the branches of Hollywood California franchise tan stores near your place.

How To Build Your Online Business

By Pam Lawhorne

In order to make any business thrive, you must have clients. What most people don't realize is that in most instances, they will not just show up to your website or call your phone! You have to understand, there are some basic principles that you must follow in order to get clients and one of the most basic of all of them is prospecting.

Prospecting is the act of searching out potential clients or customers. Once you learn that simple principle, you'll become a lot more effective with your marketing and you will find that building your business online will become a little less painful. Let's face it, it's something you can't get away from because you will always need clients.

Keep in mind that your success will not be instantaneous because you will first need to build a relationship. Always remember: people buy for their reasons - not yours. So try not to get too intimidated with the process of relationship building and prospecting because it's something that takes time and never takes place over night. People must first get to know you, build a rapport with you, then they trust you and then that's when they make the decision to do business with you.

If you are truly serious about building your business then you'll have to commit to implementing these actions into your activities on a daily basis. Building a successful online business does take time, effort, and a bit of patience. Always remember, you are in business for the long haul so if you learn this important step you business is guaranteed to prosper for years to come!

Pam Lawhorne

I'm an business coach and social media maven! I empower and teach entrepreneurs all over the world how to make money while attracting a massive following online through the powers of social networking and internet marketing.

For more information on how to promote yourself or your business online, please visit

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Your Successful Sales Page Structure That Gets Results - Part 2

By Joe Fuller

1 Use testimonials to convince the reader about their own situation. Too often, testimonials can be seen as puffing the product creator in order to build authority. But it's better if they can show the use of the product in individual and real world situations. This helps the reader to work out how they could use it in their particular business. Put yourself in the reader's place.

2 Tell how it solves specific problems. You should have worked out what the actual problems people have which your product solves. Give some detail of how it does this in the context of telling your story in relation to it, and how others have found it changed what the did, as exactly as possible.

3 You're selling hope as well as actual benefits. So, make your offer one they would be foolish to turn down if they're the least interested in the product. Give bonuses related to it and pile one on top of another. Make it a great deal not just a good deal.

4 Give a rock-solid guarantee. It could be your visitor knows nothing about you. Even if they do, they still need to feel safe in paying for your product. All of the risk should be on you in that you guarantee a no-questions-asked refund if they want one. Make sure this is clear to them, and how many days or months or whatever, they have to get a refund.

5 You must tell them what to do. If you leave the visitor to make presumptions about to do at the end, a lot might click away without even trying to buy it. You have to direct them to the buy button and tell them to click it. You might even tell them what will happen after they click.

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Distractions - How To Avoid Losing Your Focus In Your Business

By Joe Fuller

It's amazing how many people think that once they have a website of some sort, that they have a business. Of course, it could be or develop into one. But mostly they're attempts at money-making sites. In themselves they're a dead end. To grow a business you need to keep focused over time.

1 If you don't have goals, you have no purpose or direction. Whatever method you use to generate and keep goals in the front of your mind, they are a means to decide what actions to take and be involved in. In other words, if an action isn't helping you to achieve your goals you should decide not to do it. In this way you're kept focused on long-term success rather than jumping around from action to action which might or might not help you.

2 Deadlines for tasks to be done keep you focused. Everybody has basic jobs that need doing, perhaps on a daily basis, and unless a time is set for those they'll easily slip out of your attention and be replaced by irrelevant ones. So, a daily, weekly or monthly map of your time needs, and tasks within those times, are necessary to keep you on track. Again,they can also be a decider as to whether some interesting ideas or project fits with what you're doing.

3 But what if an idea or project comes up that looks like a possibility. Then you must control it and not let it take over what you've already decided on. Do this by limiting the time you will spend on it - set a deadline for finishing looking at it and deciding whether you're going to use it. There's really no excuse to be distracted if you've planned ahead as to how you'll deal with these sorts of situations.

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4 Ways To Successfully Overcome Information Overload

By Joe Fuller

Probably the most common complaint from those just starting at trying to make money online is that they're suffering information overload. There are just too many directions to take and choose from and too many ebooks to read, courses to take and videos to watch. It doesn't matter if you have the money to buy the more expensive products or not, the same effect happens so easily. Here's what to do about it.

1 The biggest problem most people have is that they're anxious about taking action. After all, if they can't decide amongst all this information and advice, there's a risk they'll simply choose the wrong action. This anxiety can be about multiple issues, from the simply what to write in an article, all the way to what overall strategy to use in their business. The sad truth is that, unless they're guided very carefully by a mentor or coach, they'll have to make all sorts of mistakes in order to learn. Even then, with that guidance, doing stuff themselves, means they will make some mistakes. But there's no way round it, there has to be a decision what to do, action on it, then readjustment.

2 Most online business owners work alone to some extent. However, one of the best ways to overcome information overload is to cut through the ebooks and so on and, instead, talk to somebody about whatever issue is facing them at that point. You need not be paying for this. It could be someone you've gotten to know or you ask on forums, blogs and answers sites. Also, there are help desks and ezine owners whose lists you're on.

3 Make a decision: either keep on learning from more information in an organized way or make a start on your business. Either way is OK, as long as you've made a conscious decision with reasons for doing so. Whichever way you choose, break down the tasks you've got to do into smaller ones. In other words, chunk them. For example, if you've 10 ebooks you feel you must read, get through them chapter by chapter: you haven't got to read them all in one day or even one ebook in one day. Read a chapter, take notes and see the idea in the context of what sort of business you want.

4 You can't read all the ebooks and watch all the videos, especially if you're jumping from topic to topic. So, decide which are the most important to you in getting you're business started. For example, out of 10 ebooks, which is the most important? Within that top ebook which are the most important ideas for you, and in what order? Have laser concentration on what you need to find out. This, together with chunking, will cut your information load, and needs, drastically. You might find, in fact, you only need the first 2 or 3 ebooks: a fantastic time-saver.

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Becoming a Successful Businessman

By Jackie Reyno

Have you quit your job to be your own boss? Well it is a commendable decision. Being on your own means managing your life on your terms and choosing priorities.

How far your can court success in your business, depends upon your risk taking ability. Risk taking does not mean taking chances blindly, but taking calculated risks. This is the hallmark of successful business entrepreneurs. Read these guidelines and you can be better prepared to be on your own.

How successful and how far you will go in business will depend a lot upon your attitude towards failures that your will counter. Any business will have failures and short terms losses with very few successes. These are inevitable part just like the darkness around light. You should always have a positive attitude and not get beaten down by failures. Look at it as an opportunity to learn from and correct yourself and then forget about it.

A successful businessman is also a shrewd finance expert. He keeps a tight control over budgets, cash flows and knows where every penny is going and needs to be spent.

A businessman who has control over his business knows where from every penny is coming and has total control over where he has to spend how much money. Besides he evaluates every transaction from a point of view of the profitability.

A very important point to be kept in mind all the time while you pursue new opportunities and run your day to day business is to keep in mind your vision and objectives with which you have started the business. Periodically review your business and align it back to your vision. Many people deviate from their line and often court disaster while pursuing new opportunities.

Every business and every entrepreneur needs to have a business vision and goal. This is what is the guiding principle that helps him grow and expand the business venture. Without a vision it would be like a rudderless ship. Keep the vision always in you minds eye and check all the time to ensure your are guiding your business as per your vision.

A successful businessman is one who knows the art of making and retaining friends. He values relationships and business transaction then becomes incidental. You will always find that relationships and friendships pay and help you grow your business. No business transaction can be just a interaction between two unknown entities. The pleasure of business is to have a win win approach, which is possible only when you learn to enjoy relating to people.

To grow you business, you will need to be ahead of your competition and always be aware of the changing trends and future of your business and the markets. Keep scanning the environment around you and be flexible to change your business model to suit the fast changing environment and keep ahead of the race.

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Speakers, Is It Time To Plug Up Your Leaking Profits?

By Maria Marsala

One of the strategies I created to market my advising/coaching business was to speak internationally. But what I didn't take into account, until year 7 in business, was that speaking IS a business. Actually, it wasn't until I created two web sites just for my speaking business that I realized how much time and effort went into speaking.

Now you can learn the easy way.

Speakers as 2nd Class Citizens

Many organizations will not pay speakers to speak; but they do pay for tangible items! Local chapters of organizations, from the Rotary, Kiwanis, Elms, Lions, etc. to maybe an organization you're a member of wouldn't think of asking one of their members to give them supplies for free; but the do not pay speakers.

So types of groups are good for one thing -- for you to practice speaking.

IF you choose to speak to group for free, as I do from time to time, what you want to do is 1) determine what your speaking fee would have been had they paid you and 2) decide what they can give you "in-kind" to make up for the fee you are loosing. I provide them with a list of 5 must provides and then they get to pick from a longer list of "in-kind" items that are important to me. If they don't do it; I don't speak. PERIOD. If they are not going to value your services from the start, what makes you think their members will in the long run?

Speakers as 1st Class Citizens

You should consider many things when creating a proposal or talking about your speaker fee. Below is a list of the basic elements of what you deserve to be paid for (one way or another) These are "add-ons" and "value-addeds".

• For your experiences on the topic -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. In fact use it all when you speak.

• Number of travel days and hours. Include the time it takes you to travel to the airport, from the airport to the venue, etc.

• The amount of time and the cost of printing any materials (cost wise it's better if you get them to print anything you need, but if you want it done perfectly, do it yourself.)

• The number of people in attendance.

• Is it a non-profit or for-profit and does that make a difference to you.

• The length of time you'll be speaking and the number of times you'll keynote, do a workshop, be on a panel or moderator of the panel of speakers over a day or days.

• The marketing you may need to do.

• Is it 60 days prior to the event (if so you'll need to add a rush fee for all you have to add to your work).

• If you pay for the hotel and meals, add these fees.

• If you pay for airfare, add this.

• If they are taking photos, add this.

• The time on calls or emails to: whomever is organizing the event, or other management professionals.

• The times on calls or emails to survey or talk to at least 3 potential audience members in advance to build your talk around their immediate concerns and priorities.

• The internal or external distribution of audio or video taping they plan on doing.

• Your possible 30-day follow-up in mail or via teleconference to the participants.

• The number of articles they want to produce on your subject in their newsletters or for the participants.

• How many of your booklets, CDs or books will they be purchasing.

Let's not forget about one more money making concept - Back of the Room (BOR) sales. BOR sales allow you to sell your products and make even more money than your "basic pay" Some organizations/businesses want a percentage of sales, find out up front what they expect.

Protect Your Important Intellectual Property

When you speak, you're selling your time, talent, and expertise on a subject. Read the fine print on any contract you sign. Make sure that you keep the copyrights of any materials that are yours. If someone is buying the use of your talk in an audio, know how they're providing that information to others. Is it behind a password protected area of a website? Are they selling it for a fee (and what is your cut on that fee)? Are they putting a note on the site that the materials are owned by the speakers? OR are they just posting the links somewhere with no notices of any sort?

If your materials are used in a way that has not been previously agreed to and/or paid for, you as a speaker need to speak up! Recently after seeing how my materials were being used, I wrote to an organization and asked them to include some legalize on a page so that visitors who downloaded my information know 100% that the information was for their personal use and NOT for use professionally without written permission from me. Ask for what you need.

Plug Up Those Leaky Profits

Now that you have the real story about what you should be getting paid when you speak; it's time to determine how much of your profits you've been leaking each and every time you speak.

(c) 2009 Maria Marsala is a strategic business coach, consultant, ispeaker, author, and former Wall Street executive. Her company, Elevating Your Business help business owners increase their company's profit, value, and performance quicker than they can do on their own.

Maria's clients achieve success though her proprietary programs such as Corporate Secrets Home Study™, the money generator; Millionaire Business Mastermind groups, where leaders get results; and 1:1 business development and action phone sessions where she offers new insights, templates, workbooks, resources, ongoing support, and training in the areas of business (operations/administration), general marketing and the Internet. Rate Your Business using our Business Check-up and get other no-cost business tips at

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Understanding Supply Chain Collaboration

By Jeremy P Stanfords

The management of the flow of materials and services needed to make a product and deliver it to customers is termed Supply Chain Management (SCM). It is a part of a companies overall strategy for meeting customer demand for their product. The first part of SCM involves the choice of suppliers for the goods and services needed to create the product. Next, supply chain management services develop processes with suppliers for pricing, delivery and payment.

It is at this point that the potential for, and perhaps today the necessity of, supply chain "incoming" collaboration comes into play as SCM managers must manage inventory, verify shipments, authorize payments and transfer goods to manufacturing. Next, SCM managers schedule production, testing and packaging. Finally, the SCM manager is responsible for the logistics of delivery of the product to fill the customer's needs and provides an opportunity for "outgoing" collaboration.

Supply chain collaboration is a business to business (B2B) concept initially thought of as the relationship between manufacturers and retailers, but has now been extended to the relationship between the raw materials supplier and manufacturer. Successful collaboration means that two or more companies are working jointly to develop shared information, develop joint plans based on that shared information, and consequently execute their businesses with greater success than when acting independently. Such collaboration often is never attained within a company let alone between companies.

A model for supply chain collaboration is included in Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) that is a business model considered by many the standard for direct material planning and fulfillment through collaboration. CPFR is intended to eliminate uncertainty in demand and supply by exchange of information, including demand signals, forecasts, inventory and transportation with chain partners. Integrated information systems assist in collaborative forecasting and replenishment processes, increased sales, and reduced inventory and cycle time. Successful partners exhibit mutual trust and believe that both sides profit equally when both supplier and customer are responsible for using inventory efficiently and keeping it as low as possible.

Even new product development and commercialization should be a process in which suppliers and customers collaborate to reduce time to market. With today's shorter product life cycles, the new products must be developed and launched with ever-shorter time schedules to remain competitive. In the product development and commercialization process, customer needs must be known, materials and suppliers must be identified and through collaboration integrated into the best supply chain flow for the combination of product and market.

For large business, there is SCM software that supports CPFR standards. For enterprises that have invested time, resources, and money over years in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects to standardize their internal operations, their systems often lack the functionality, scalability and security needed to address collaboration within a multi-enterprise supply chain. However, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosts can provide an attractive solution.

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How to Choose a Data Entry Company?

By Bea Arthur

Every year, the field of data entry is becoming bigger and bigger. It is reaching worldwide and cross countries for better solution. There is no surprise if you get the quote from numerous data entry companies around the word for a simply typing task. Such companies have facilities and professionals to meet with kinds of requirements.

If you are very hasty while choosing a data entry company, you may not get appropriate typing solution for the requirements. So it is advisable that you must be unhurried while choosing a typing company. You must learn to evaluate the offering of the various service providers.

How to choose a data entry company?

As every body knows, first step is to start searching for the company. Do not hesitate for selecting offshore companies. Do you have a list of large number of firms? Check out for each one, there are considering numbers that are the scams.

Now, it is the time to check out details about remaining companies. Do not go just haphazardly, there are numerous points that must have to take care for selecting company. The popularity of company is one of the points. Select a company which has high experience and superior popularity for delivering better solution.

The organization does have data security and privacy norms and following those strictly. Data confidentiality is one of the big issues. There is very rare chance for data theft because big entry firms are using biometric authentication system as well as limited access to particular document for typing professionals.

Another thing to take in consideration is the facilities/resources. The companies have enough employees or not? Are they using upgraded systems for faster solution? Do they have huge infrastructure to store lakhs of documents? Are they following proper possess to deliver high quality output? Do they have technical staff that take care of database connection and don't let the project down for more time?

If the data entry company has all the facilities, have a look over the cost. You can ask for sample task to check the ability of the company. After analyzing all such steps, you must choose a company which meets your requirement in budget.

Bea Arthur is a quality controller at Data Entry India, a well-known firm, accepting data entry projects, data conversion projects and data processing projects. They are having more than 17 years of experience in outsourcing data typing.

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How to Make Your Business Profitable

By Val McQueen

Selling and making a profitable business happen is not rocket science. All that is required is a strong vision, good strategy, never say die attitude and the ability to go on against all odds will certainly get you there and have the cash registers ringing. You do not need a huge advertising budget for doing this.

Depending upon your product or service, you have to first identify and detail your customer profile and segment. For example if you are selling vacuum cleaners, obviously teenagers would not be your customers. If you are selling online music, you could have all sorts of people lining to buy the music.

Make sure you capture the profile, the lifestyle, income, age group and buying behavior etc of your customers in detail. The more details you gather would be better for your marketing exercise. If you are targeting to open a fashion boutique for women, then zero in on the women's group that is likely to be the target customer.

Even from amongst the general segment like for example ladies, you would have to specify the age group as well as their income, past buying records etc. If your boutique is going to stock only formal wear in a particular size, then obviously you would target only those women who fit into the size and who are working.

Whether you are a small business enterprise servicing your local town or an online company targeting global or national markets, knowing your customer profile, where he is located is required for you to be able to reach across to him through advertisements.

By knowing your target audience you can spend the advertisement budget wisely to reach only to them. What is the point of advertising T-shirts and shorts for teens in a magazine meant for elderly citizens? On the other hand if you can advertise your products in the fashion style magazines, which caters to the teenage audience, you will certainly hit the target.

You can be very innovative and creative with your advertisements. One of the catchy ideas you could use would be to offer a discount coupon through the advertisement. You will most certainly be able to get customer response and build a pipeline of leads for conversion. A bold advertisement with the free discount coupon is bound to attract the target audience.

All the above activities and other sales generation activities will surely help you build a customer base with which you can work to convert them into sales for your product. Further more you can invest on building customer relationship management to ensure your customer base keeps increasing and they remain loyal to your products.

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When Business Relationships End

By Mitch Mitchell

I have a friend that just had a business contract go badly and end abruptly. When she asked what the problem was, she couldn't get a straight answer from the people other than to say they weren't happy with the direction things were going.

At the same time, even though she was upset at how things had ended, she wasn't totally depressed. In fact, she felt as though a big weight had been lifted off her shoulders, because, for some reason, the pressure was now off. Not that she wasn't up to the job, but she'd been feeling a strange sort of stress while working for these people.

It's never good for a business relationship to just end without someone coming up with a reason why. Yet, the reality is that, sometimes, people really aren't sure why they're not a perfect fit with each other. I've worked with people who have irritated me for some reason I can't explain, and I'm sure some may have felt the same about me. As independents, that's fine.

However, if you're a real employer, it's inherently unfair not to tell an employee what they may or may not have done that's gotten them discharged. It's especially unfair if the behavior, or possibly lacking skills, weren't mentioned to the person during a probationary period, or even during a counseling period with an existing employee, so that person has a chance to correct the error or behavior. In some states, it just might be illegal if mitigating circumstances can be proven.

Still, sometimes personalities just don't match up, which is one reason to have a probationary period. People can usually feel discomfort with each other, and sometimes it really is just best to move on. Of course, if you're the one who's been let go and you need the money, you may have mixed emotions. But the universe may be telling you there's a better opportunity for you elsewhere; you just have to keep the faith.

Mitch Mitchell is president of T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc, a company dedicated to changing attitudes and perceptions for unlimited growth in both one's personal and professional lives. You can learn more about him by visiting

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