Becoming a Successful Businessman

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By Jackie Reyno

Have you quit your job to be your own boss? Well it is a commendable decision. Being on your own means managing your life on your terms and choosing priorities.

How far your can court success in your business, depends upon your risk taking ability. Risk taking does not mean taking chances blindly, but taking calculated risks. This is the hallmark of successful business entrepreneurs. Read these guidelines and you can be better prepared to be on your own.

How successful and how far you will go in business will depend a lot upon your attitude towards failures that your will counter. Any business will have failures and short terms losses with very few successes. These are inevitable part just like the darkness around light. You should always have a positive attitude and not get beaten down by failures. Look at it as an opportunity to learn from and correct yourself and then forget about it.

A successful businessman is also a shrewd finance expert. He keeps a tight control over budgets, cash flows and knows where every penny is going and needs to be spent.

A businessman who has control over his business knows where from every penny is coming and has total control over where he has to spend how much money. Besides he evaluates every transaction from a point of view of the profitability.

A very important point to be kept in mind all the time while you pursue new opportunities and run your day to day business is to keep in mind your vision and objectives with which you have started the business. Periodically review your business and align it back to your vision. Many people deviate from their line and often court disaster while pursuing new opportunities.

Every business and every entrepreneur needs to have a business vision and goal. This is what is the guiding principle that helps him grow and expand the business venture. Without a vision it would be like a rudderless ship. Keep the vision always in you minds eye and check all the time to ensure your are guiding your business as per your vision.

A successful businessman is one who knows the art of making and retaining friends. He values relationships and business transaction then becomes incidental. You will always find that relationships and friendships pay and help you grow your business. No business transaction can be just a interaction between two unknown entities. The pleasure of business is to have a win win approach, which is possible only when you learn to enjoy relating to people.

To grow you business, you will need to be ahead of your competition and always be aware of the changing trends and future of your business and the markets. Keep scanning the environment around you and be flexible to change your business model to suit the fast changing environment and keep ahead of the race.

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