Distractions - How To Avoid Losing Your Focus In Your Business

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By Joe Fuller

It's amazing how many people think that once they have a website of some sort, that they have a business. Of course, it could be or develop into one. But mostly they're attempts at money-making sites. In themselves they're a dead end. To grow a business you need to keep focused over time.

1 If you don't have goals, you have no purpose or direction. Whatever method you use to generate and keep goals in the front of your mind, they are a means to decide what actions to take and be involved in. In other words, if an action isn't helping you to achieve your goals you should decide not to do it. In this way you're kept focused on long-term success rather than jumping around from action to action which might or might not help you.

2 Deadlines for tasks to be done keep you focused. Everybody has basic jobs that need doing, perhaps on a daily basis, and unless a time is set for those they'll easily slip out of your attention and be replaced by irrelevant ones. So, a daily, weekly or monthly map of your time needs, and tasks within those times, are necessary to keep you on track. Again,they can also be a decider as to whether some interesting ideas or project fits with what you're doing.

3 But what if an idea or project comes up that looks like a possibility. Then you must control it and not let it take over what you've already decided on. Do this by limiting the time you will spend on it - set a deadline for finishing looking at it and deciding whether you're going to use it. There's really no excuse to be distracted if you've planned ahead as to how you'll deal with these sorts of situations.

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