4 Ways To Successfully Overcome Information Overload

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By Joe Fuller

Probably the most common complaint from those just starting at trying to make money online is that they're suffering information overload. There are just too many directions to take and choose from and too many ebooks to read, courses to take and videos to watch. It doesn't matter if you have the money to buy the more expensive products or not, the same effect happens so easily. Here's what to do about it.

1 The biggest problem most people have is that they're anxious about taking action. After all, if they can't decide amongst all this information and advice, there's a risk they'll simply choose the wrong action. This anxiety can be about multiple issues, from the simply what to write in an article, all the way to what overall strategy to use in their business. The sad truth is that, unless they're guided very carefully by a mentor or coach, they'll have to make all sorts of mistakes in order to learn. Even then, with that guidance, doing stuff themselves, means they will make some mistakes. But there's no way round it, there has to be a decision what to do, action on it, then readjustment.

2 Most online business owners work alone to some extent. However, one of the best ways to overcome information overload is to cut through the ebooks and so on and, instead, talk to somebody about whatever issue is facing them at that point. You need not be paying for this. It could be someone you've gotten to know or you ask on forums, blogs and answers sites. Also, there are help desks and ezine owners whose lists you're on.

3 Make a decision: either keep on learning from more information in an organized way or make a start on your business. Either way is OK, as long as you've made a conscious decision with reasons for doing so. Whichever way you choose, break down the tasks you've got to do into smaller ones. In other words, chunk them. For example, if you've 10 ebooks you feel you must read, get through them chapter by chapter: you haven't got to read them all in one day or even one ebook in one day. Read a chapter, take notes and see the idea in the context of what sort of business you want.

4 You can't read all the ebooks and watch all the videos, especially if you're jumping from topic to topic. So, decide which are the most important to you in getting you're business started. For example, out of 10 ebooks, which is the most important? Within that top ebook which are the most important ideas for you, and in what order? Have laser concentration on what you need to find out. This, together with chunking, will cut your information load, and needs, drastically. You might find, in fact, you only need the first 2 or 3 ebooks: a fantastic time-saver.

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