Your Successful Sales Page Structure That Gets Results - Part 2

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By Joe Fuller

1 Use testimonials to convince the reader about their own situation. Too often, testimonials can be seen as puffing the product creator in order to build authority. But it's better if they can show the use of the product in individual and real world situations. This helps the reader to work out how they could use it in their particular business. Put yourself in the reader's place.

2 Tell how it solves specific problems. You should have worked out what the actual problems people have which your product solves. Give some detail of how it does this in the context of telling your story in relation to it, and how others have found it changed what the did, as exactly as possible.

3 You're selling hope as well as actual benefits. So, make your offer one they would be foolish to turn down if they're the least interested in the product. Give bonuses related to it and pile one on top of another. Make it a great deal not just a good deal.

4 Give a rock-solid guarantee. It could be your visitor knows nothing about you. Even if they do, they still need to feel safe in paying for your product. All of the risk should be on you in that you guarantee a no-questions-asked refund if they want one. Make sure this is clear to them, and how many days or months or whatever, they have to get a refund.

5 You must tell them what to do. If you leave the visitor to make presumptions about to do at the end, a lot might click away without even trying to buy it. You have to direct them to the buy button and tell them to click it. You might even tell them what will happen after they click.

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